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Upcoming Groups being formed

Women's Patterns in Bad Relationships

This group is being created to help women break the cycle of choosing the same type of partners. Do you feel you are in an abusive relationship; mentally, physically, or emotionally? Does your spouse use verbal abuse to belittle you or to manipulate you? Do you feel you are continually choosing partners that have the same characteristics? Is now the time to break the cycle and get a renewed lease on life. Call today if you would like to join other women in changing their lives and getting back their lives.

Cheaters Club

Has your spouse cheated on you? Are you wanting to save your marriage or just work through the process of dealing with the cheating? Have you tried to forgive but just can't seem to get to the next level? Many deal with the heart breaking news that their spouse has had an affair and need to rebuild their life. During the process many have to redefine their boundaries and make new connections. Would you like to be a part of a group going through the same process? Call today to get connected with others.


Healthy Living

Fitness, Nutrition, and Motivation! Do I have your attention? If you want to get healthy and start living a lifestyle that will increase your quality of life, then you need to get to the root! There are many reasons we can't seem to lose weight, get healthy, or get motivated. Depression, anxiety, love self-esteem, just to name a few, can be the underlying reason(s). With the help of a support group, you can talk about your fears, challenges, and celebrate with others your triumphs! Contact me if you are wanting to join a support group today. (205) 242-6261